Are you looking for an app that is all-in-one? Do you desperately need an app that is independent of other links and apps for working?


IQ APK is one such application that has many features all together in a single app. It is used when other ordinary apps can’t provide you with some awesome features. If you want to read and shoot dispatches without appearing online (no last seen, blue ticks) on your WhatsApp. There is an anti-delete option in this APK form for WhatsApp. It also has a status saver for you. So, in short, it is an enhancement to the normal, old, and boring WhatsApp. It makes it fun to use. Not only this, but there are hundreds of other awesome features for you. 

Benefits of the Application

The IQ APK app has many benefits because of its durability. If you need all-in-one app that can be best for using in association with other popular apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. This can help with your phone’s storage because the app will not require other apps to be downloaded. It can provide you with all the features for free. Can you imagine that this application is giving you more than you need? Besides, this is all for free, can any other brand or developing company do such a thing? I don’t think so!

Specifications of the IQ APK App

Following are some of the worth-mentioning specifications of the app that is going to persuade anyone to download and install this APK version of IQ. 

  1. You can save the status and stories that you like directly into your gallery on your WhatsApp 
  2. You can see the deleted messages from your friends and family on WhatsApp
  3. You can have an offline chat for your WhatsApp account that can make the online status off for as long as you want to. 
  4. You can also have a check on someone’s chats if you have their number. These options can help you track the messages and calls of some specific numbers. 
  5. You can also watch live channels of your choice, whether sports or any reality show channels. 
  6. You can also have a 100% authentic Wi-Fi tracker that can search for all the nearby networks without complications. 
  7. By this IQ APK file you can even check your Board Examination Results. No matter, what Board you have attended. It shows 100% accurate results in no time at all after the official results are announced. 
  8. There is also option for the LULUBOX app, which you can download. Lulu box   is an app that is famous for providing skin of all types for the Free Fire gaming application. These skins are the best enhancements for the games to go towards higher levels. 

A Complete Guide for Downloading IQ APK Application

The points below would guide you towards the downloading of the application for free, kindly read them out to be accurate in getting the original app:

• Search the internet for a proper website that consists of APK files of hundreds of applications. You can even use the Play Store but that won’t be appropriate, because this is an APK-type file. There are many websites that are famous for downloading APK files, such as


• Then next, you need to download the APK from your selected website. Once you click the downloading option, a pop-up menu appears that shows your download. After it gets completed, open the file manager and install the application.

• If the app requires enabling unknown sources, that is even easier. Go to the settings of your phone and give permission to unknown sources so that they get installed. 

• Once installed, open the application and use it for free. The app would definitely satisfy you in different regards. You can enjoy the different features by watching the live stream of different sports of your choice. It can be cricket, football, wrestling or tennis etc.    

Final Thoughts

The final thoughts are this APK file helps you in doing all the fun things. It has all those features that are not available on the original apps. From status saving to anti-delete option, IQ APK App is the best option for you to get without having to pay for it. You can have a lot things done while you are a part of this exceptional websites. This website rocks in every category, whether it is entertainment, drama, education, news, gaming, live streaming or any other such thing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

What is an APK Download?

Answer: The APK extension is used for the Android package kit (APK). The file format is used to install the Android application directly to the phone’s storage. If you want to install an APK, you need to manually download and run the file. You can find the file in your File Manager.

Question 2

Is it safe to have APK files on your device?

In the contrast, this is a 50-50 chance, because there are equal chances that it can harm your device or it may not. Overall the APK files are not safe enough. They can carry some harmful viruses that can be able to stop your device or even hack the data on your device.

Question 3

What should we do if the APK does not work properly, or if it does not open?

Answer: The solution to this problem is that maybe your phone is out of date or the version you have downloaded of the APK is an old one. You need to update your phone to download a newer version of the APK for the smooth performance of the application.

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