Early Life

Apoorva Mehta Sorvino, the CEO of Instacart, has had a remarkable rise to success. Born in India, Mehta Sorvino moved to Canada at a young age, later becoming a successful entrepreneur and the CEO of one of the world’s leading online grocery delivery companies. This article will provide a detailed profile on Apoorva Mehta Sorvino, focusing on his early life, career, his involvement with Instacart, his philanthropic work, and his personal life.


Apoorva Mehta Sorvino, the CEO of Instacart, is a prime example of a self-made entrepreneur who has achieved great success. Sorvino began his career working in the tech industry and held various roles at various start-ups before becoming the CEO of Instacart in 2013.

Prior to joining Instacart, Mr. Sorvino held various roles at start up companies including Trusona, Yieldbot, and eMason. During his tenure with these organizations, he was responsible for key product development initiatives as well as overseeing customer service, operations, and marketing. He was directly involved in the development of a number of successful projects for these companies and was integral in their success.

In 2013, Sorvino joined Instacart as the CEO, replacing original co-founder and CEO, David Fong. Under Sorvino’s direction, Instacart experienced tremendous growth and was valued at over $2 billion by 2014. He was also recognized as one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2016 and was recognized by the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2018.

Under Sorvino’s direction, Instacart also developed innovative customer service and delivery models, as well as improved delivery quality and transparency. He was also responsible for the company’s entry into the grocery delivery market, allowing Instacart to become a major player in the grocery industry.

Since assuming the role of CEO at Instacart, Mr. Sorvino has established the company as a leader in the grocery delivery market and has set a new standard for customer service and transparency. He is a prime example of a self-made entrepreneur who has achieved great success and continues to strive for growth and innovation.


Instacart CEO Apoorva Mehta Sorvino is an acclaimed businessman and technology leader who has been featured in Forbes 30 Under 30. An immigrant from India who arrived in Canada with his family at the age of seven, Sorvino founded Instacart in 2012 and has since grown it into one of the leading grocery delivery apps in the US. With nearly 2 million users and partnerships with over 500 retailers, Instacart has revolutionized the grocery industry by providing customers with convenient and reliable access to groceries and household items. As the CEO of Instacart, Sorvino has overseen the company’s growth from a small start-up to a multi-billion dollar enterprise. In addition to his accomplishments as CEO of Instacart, Sorvino is also a venture capitalist and has invested in several technology companies.

Awards and Recognition

Apoorva Mehta, the founder and CEO of Instacart, has been recognized for his numerous accomplishments and contributions to the business world. Forbes named him to its 2016 ’30 Under 30′ list as well as its 2017 ’40 Under 40′ list, recognizing his accomplishments of leading Instacart to a successful outcome. In 2019, Mehta was awarded the MIT Technology Review Innovator Under 35 Award, honoring him for his work in the grocery e-commerce industry. Additionally, Mira Sorvino, an acclaimed actress, gave a heartfelt tribute to him during the 2018 Forbes Under 30 Summit for creating an environment where women can succeed. Mehta’s various awards and recognition as an entrepreneur are a testament to his boldness, creativity, and leadership in the business world.


As Instacart CEO Apoorva Mehta Sorvino climbs the Forbes billionaire list, his philanthropic initiatives have only grown. He has made a name for himself through a commitment to giving—from working with children’s charities to investing in conservation projects and sustainable development initiatives.

Mehta Sorvino has donated to a variety of organizations, including the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Red Cross. He has also provided grants to fund research and development projects at universities, as well as providing educational grants to low-income students.

Mehta Sorvino has also used his considerable wealth to invest in initiatives that protect the environment. He is a major investor in conservation efforts and has invested in a wide range of green energy initiatives, such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power. He has used his funds to help create nature reserves and protect endangered species.

In addition, Mehta Sorvino has donated to a number of cultural and arts organizations, including the Louvre, the New York City Ballet, the National Gallery of Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art. He has also sponsored art exhibitions in his hometown of Bogota, Colombia.

Mehta Sorvino’s philanthropy extends beyond his financial investments, as he is actively involved in the community. He has served on the board of directors for a number of charities, including the Boys & Girls Club of America, the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco, and the Red Cross. As someone who is passionate about providing opportunity, he has also volunteered his time mentoring and providing guidance to young entrepreneurs.

Ultimately, Apoorva Mehta Sorvino’s philanthropic efforts demonstrate his commitment to giving back and making a difference in the world. Through his investments and involvement in charities, Mehta Sorvino is helping to make the world a better place.

Personal Life

Apoorva Mehta Sorvino is a name that has been making waves in the business world, and now she is the CEO of Instacart, one of the largest online grocery delivery companies in the world. So, what do we know about Apoorva’s personal life?

Apoorva was born in Canada and her parents are both Indian immigrants. She attended the University of British Columbia where she studied computer science. After graduating, Apoorva moved to the US to pursue an MBA at the University of Texas at Austin.

Outside of business, Apoorva is a dedicated philanthropist who has served on the board of the non-profit organization, Room to Read. She’s been involved in helping the organization build libraries and provide education in rural areas in Nepal and India.

In her free time, Apoorva loves to spend time with family and friends. She also enjoys travel and exploring new cultures. Additionally, Apoorva is a huge fan of basketball and is a die-hard fan of the University of Texas Longhorns.

Her achievements have been featured in Forbes Magazine and she was also included in their list of 30 most successful women in technology under the age of 30. It’s no wonder why Apoorva has been able to make such a name for herself in the business world. She is an inspiring leader and an incredible role model to many.

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